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Why you probably need more sleep—and how to get it

Sleep deprivation can affect more than just your tiredness; it can have a major impact on your immune system, weight, stress level, and focus.
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How to have the best back-to-school transition

A recent graduate reflects on what transition angst feels like, and our counselor suggests resources and strategies that help.

Do YOU Have Test Anxiety?

Check out these helpful tips courtesy of CASA!
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Time Management

 Time management can become a prevalent issue when the semester is coming to a close. There is no doubt that it is extremely difficult to manage homework, studying, working, having a social life, seeing...

Tips to Help You Study When Feeling Depressed or Anxious

Studying Through Depression and AnxietyJessica Brokenshire, BSW, MSW Candidate It’s finally starting to feel like fall! Which means midterms and seasonal depression. This time of the year is increasingly difficult for many students due to...
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Ask the professor: “What’s the best way to work with nontraditional students in group...

—Daniel A., Portland State University, OregonLet me start with a confession: I was not the world’s best group project member. In fact, I was pretty bad. Why? Because I was focused on the “project”...
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Getting to know the Campus

Functionality of Each BuildingStarting at a new campus can be anxiety inducing and overwhelming. Kutztown has a great deal of buildings that are often unfamiliar to incoming students, encompassing every need the students could...
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Jobs and internships: Find your leadership potential this summer

Rate this article and enter to win Climbing into the lifeguard chair for the summer? Decorating your cubicle at your new internship? In a recent survey by SH101, two out of three students who responded...

Ask the professor: How can I get myself to focus when studying?

—Jordan V.*, University of North Dakota(*Name changed)As I write this response, I’m listening to a radio station, checking Facebook (for the news, really), and monitoring my email for…well, in case I can find something...